21 Day Weight Loss Jump Start Program Testimonials

"Before I did the 21-day cleanse led by Shelly, I was bloated almost all the time, had 7 pounds I couldn't get rid of no matter what, was foggy headed, woke up tired, and often irritable. After the first week on the cleanse, my body was no longer bloated, I had shed several pounds, I had a renewed clarity of mind and heart, and felt happier and more energetic. I really enjoyed getting perspective on my eating habits and cravings, and learning how to cook with new foods. Shelly was very supportive and encouraging, and her weekly conference calls provided me with motivation and inspiration. The cleanse made me feel better than I've felt in years. I never thought I could feel like I felt before I had two small children, but I do. I plan to make it a yearly ritual. I'd recommend this cleanse to anyone who wants to do themselves a big favor."

Anna Conley                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Attorney

"After years of suffering from abdominal and digestive issues, I finally decided to search for a nutrition coach and a program that made sense. Shelly and her Purification and Weight Loss program was exactly what I was looking for. I had been experiencing abdominal attacks with severe pain. I was in and out of the doctor's office for months. I was diagnosed with pancreatitis and diverticulosis and referred to a surgeon who told me I needed to have my gall bladder removed. 

It was around that time that I was referred to Shelly Fitzsimmons. As a last ditch effort, I met with her and decided to postpone the gall bladder removal surgery and try her suggestions and her 21-day program first. Shelly really took the time to listen and understand my situation. Her guidance helped me lose 11 pounds in 21 days and I feel great. I was amazed at how good I felt through the process. The first few days took some adjusting but after that it all came together. My digestive symptoms completely disappeared and have not returned since I started working with Shelly and I did not have to have surgery, incur steep medical costs, and be out of work, to remove one of the most important organs in my body. It has been 6 months since I started working with Shelly and I have not only maintained my weight loss, but I have continued to lose weight following Shelly's coaching. 

Shelly is an expert in nutrition, exercise and attitude! She responded to every question and offered solutions to every issue that came up for me. Now I have an incredible amount of energy with a clear head and no abdominal or digestive issues whatsoever. I am sleeping solid through the night and waking up feeling rested. What a breakthrough! 

With all the diet and exercise programs out there, it is easy to be swayed into a health regime that will get you part of the way, but not fully where you want to be. I needed someone that I was accountable to that would coach me through step by step and teach me what was right for ME based on my individual circumstances. Shelly is that person!" 

Jeff Price
Global Commodity Manager

"Doing Shelly's Standard Process Group Detoxification Program was effective for me in losing 7+ lbs. In fact, I have lost a total of 42 lbs. over the past three years working with Shelly! Her 21-day purification program has proven to be a springboard for cleaner and healthier eating. I have experienced improved health as a result of doing this program. I am sleeping better, digesting food better, waking up without the alarm and feeling great. I have more energy on most days and I feel more inspired to exercise several times a week. Most amazingly, my cholesterol was reduced from 250 to 212 (a total of 38 points) over the course of this 21-day program.

Before the cleanse, I was eating too many carbs and sweets. After the initial days on the cleanse, it became easier to eat clean. I craved raw and cooked veggies and didn't miss cheese, milk, sweets, etc. I also was able to eat smaller portions and feel satisfied. I found the group online forum, conference calls, and the detox dinner with the professional chef, to be extremely helpful. I learned something from each email posting and conference call. "

Roberta Simi

"Since participating in Shelly's Standard Process Clinical Purification and Detoxification program I feel more clear and have an easier time getting up in the morning. This was a good launch into making more of a lifelong commitment, rather than going on a ‘diet.' My overall health is good as a result of this program and my digestion is much better. So far I've lost 6 lbs. I felt bloated and fat before the cleanse, and now I feel lighter and on my way to more weight loss and healthier eating choices. I believe that doing this program in a group forum was very effective. I felt extremely supported and had all the information I needed, thanks to your guidance. The online forum and conference calls were a great idea, and gave lots of additional moral and material support. It is always easier to have company when you are attempting something that could be challenging. "

Deborah Madansky, M.D., Pediatrian

"Three years ago I stepped on a scale for the first time in years and found myself staring at 185 pounds staring back at me. How had this happened? Mother of three children, now in college and high school, devoted wife, workaholic and overall feeling successful at life. so how did I get to the point where I was shopping at Lane Bryant, dressing in large/long clothes to hide my weight, had significant health problems and was generally depressed about my life. I got HERE because I was thinking about everyone else but myself. I hired Shelly to be my lifestyle and fitness coach. Shelly persisted, coached, hinted, nudged me along to think a bit beyond just working out; to think about the whole person. My health issues culminated. I had been suffering for many years from arthritic pain, muscle twitches, heart palpitations, headaches, stomach aches, digestive problems, and on and on...all without diagnosis. Searching for a healing source, I looked to Shelly. I committed to her Cleanse (Clinical Purification Program) desperate to help my own body heal itself. That one precious day of commitment (a day now almost three years ago) is a day I will never, ever regret. The results of the cleanse were life transforming...I had safely lost 7 lbs within one week and had dropped one whole pant size, ALL of my aches and pains were more infrequent and for the first time in a very long time I LIKED what I saw in the reflection of the windows when walking downtown. Within a matter of 3 weeks I had lost 25 pounds. After three years I teeter from being 35-40 pounds less than what I was. I am 42 years old and down from 185 pounds to 145-150 pounds and wow what a feeling to try on a pair of pants from the size 8 section. That feeling will forever be the most rewarding feeling to me. I wasnt even a size 8 in high school! The Clinical Purification Program has become the savior of my health and my life. It has become a way of life for me. I dont eat perfectly healthy all the time, but eating cleanse friendly is my lifestyle now. I recommend the Clinical Purification Program to anyone who wants to lose weight quickly, but safely. Also, for anyone who is having aches and pains, low energy, digestive issues, food cravings, skin break outs, etc. To coach the WHOLE PERSON: physical, mental, and spiritual is the key to Shellys uniqueness. Shelly took me to the door and showed me the way, but ultimately we have to step through the threshold ourselves to reap the rewards. Life is worth living."

Please feel free to contact me if you want to talk about my experience/results with this program.

Charlotte Ambrose
Fisheries Biologist, NOAA
(707) 575-6068

"I am on the Detoxification Program and love the results. My goal while on the plan was to get off of caffeine—mainly coffee—for life. The idea of feeling "light" was new to me and a little hard to get used to. With Shelly's support, now I notice how little food I really need to eat. Before, I just ate now I pay attention. My attitude towards food has also changed, I see eating as a way to stay healthy, connected to my body temple and connected to a community that supports "live" foods. I never really did junk food but this program has given me a new attitude on what and how I eat. I am not done with the 21-day plan, but already I have accomplished my goals and have gotten much more than I could have imagined. 

Shelly thank you, this program has changed my life."

Diana Samour

"I lost 10 pounds and have lots more energy. I have more clarity, my sleep has improved and my moods are more even. I felt like awful before the program and I feel MUCH better now. It really has been life changing! I feel more clear, happy, energized, empowered about my choices I make in life and in the grocery store. Shelly was a fabulous coach, very positive, attentive and helpful during my cleanse process. I am so grateful."

Caelie Steele
Licensed Esthetician

"As of day 22 I have lost 14 pounds. My energy has improved greatly and I am able to sustain it. Before the detox program, I was stuck in food addiction (particularly sweets) with night binging, was relatively tired and frustrated with trying to control my eating. After, I had a fresh appreciation for whole foods and the natural sweetness or fruits and I feel lighter and more positive."

Teresa Steininger, PhD
Manager, Medical Education

"I feel so good about myself for sticking to this without a single slip up! I lost 8 pounds and I feel so much better about myself. I know now that I can eat healthier and maintain losing more weight. I definitely have more energy."

Cami Fitzsimmons
School Counselor

"My cholesterol dropped from 215 to 183. My doctor couldn't believe it and asked me what on earth I was doing to facilitate such a profound drop. My LDL went from 136 to 109. My digestion is much better and I don't feel like my stomach is bloated."

Chris Parr-Feldman
Owner, Parr Productions

Dear Shelly, 
I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for all the effort and knowledge you brought to the 2008 Detox program. Your support and the online forum and community made this detox program manageable. The cleanse itself has been incredibly helpful; I lost 8 lbs in 3 weeks and my skin looks amazing. I had decided to participate in the cleanse because I felt so toxic after months of holiday binge eating and drinking. Before I started the program I was bloated and constipated and generally felt run down and dependent on sugar and coffee just to get me through the day until yet another holiday party started up. Within a week, all the water retention issues were resolved and I was successfully off caffeine. By Week 2 my sugar and alcohol cravings were gone and by week 3 it had become easy to eat healthfully and I even had energy to start exercising again. My mood was hugely improved as well. Aside from feeling so toxic, my other motivation for the cleanse was to get bikini ready for a trip to the Caymans and the program completely enabled me to achieve my goal. I actually felt comfortable in a bathing suit in a public place! It’s hard to describe what a relief it is to not have to wear a t-shirt in the water. It’s a gift and a blessing to feel unashamed of my body and to have my outside match my inside perception of who I am. I wish everyone could feel this way about themselves. I look forward to doing the cleanse again in 2009 for a tune up! "

Amy Lewis
Licensed Massage Therapist

"Your cleansing program really works! I thought it is was going to be really hard, but with your help and suggestions, after the first 2 or 3 days my cravings were gone, I had more energy, and I was sleeping through the night. And the best part is that I was able to lose13 pound in 21 days. 3 months later I am still down 10 pounds, even after Thanksgiving! Your constant support and suggestions really showed me how much you care about your clients and I know that contributed to my success."

Lori Brendlinger
Interior Designer

"I lost 6 pounds on Shelly’s purification program and I have kept it all off. I felt fairly sluggish and slow prior to the program. Upon completion, I felt much lighter and very clean. I felt a renewed sense of health. I now begin my mornings with a much healthier intake of food and drink, and maintain a better balance of food throughout my day. I’m much more aware about what I eat and how my body uses food. I’ve noticed increased clarity, better respiration, better digestion, weight loss, and a greater awareness of how my nutrition affects how I feel. The support and information provided by Shelly was excellent. She was very thorough in explaining how the program worked, provided wonderful recipes and nutritional suggestions, and kept in touch throughout the three weeks."

Emily Hamilton
Graphic Designer

"Before starting the 21-day detox I was experiencing acid reflux (and taking medication for it), bloating, sleepless nights and frequent hot flashes. My energy was at an all-time low. Since doing Shellys program, my digestion system has had a complete turnaround. I dont need the acid reflux medication anymore. I have had a significant reduction in the amount of uncomfortable symptoms I was having in my body prior to doing this program. Sleeping through the night and waking up energized has been amazing. The hot flashes have almost disappeared. My food cravings also diminished as the days went by. I found the detox program easy to follow. I am so pleased with my results. I have lost 16 pounds and I plan on continuing with my new eating habits to reach my goal weight and stay healthy."

Debbie Davis
Dental Hygienist

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