Client Testimonials

"I have been working with Shelly for the past 9 years. Not only does she customize an individual's workout and nutrition plan: Shelly incorporates the concept of total fitness by attending to a person's spirit and true complete well-being. She is completely there for her clients, always focused on their needs at the time. She really listens and possesses a deep understanding of her clients. 

Since working with Shelly, I feel more balanced and complete. With regular exercise, sensible eating and her constant support, I have emerged feeling so much better about myself and the world around me. With Shelly, it's much more than just a workout. It's an opportunity to replenish one's spirit."

Gloria Frere

"Our work together is not just about the equipment and routine, but about the entire process of improving my overall condition. It is impossible to separate the emotional, mental spiritual and physical aspects of self. Shelly recognizes that and creates a complete program which respects my lifestyle, work, family demands, and physical needs, and one that acknowledges the impact of transitions in my life." 

Bonnie Twieg
Business and Life Coach

"At the start of my working with Shelly Fitzsimmons, I weighed 148 pounds. I was interested in losing the extra 20 pounds I gained after menopause and toning flabby arms, thighs and buttocks. Having tried on my own for years, I was literally at my wits end and very skeptical that Shelly could help me. At 48 years of age, the task seemed impossible. Shelly demonstrated the ability to analyze a problem, arrive at a decision and implement a plan tailor made for my body type. Shelly exceeded my expectations by helping me reach the goal in as little as three months. My results were clearly outstanding. At 128 pounds, I was back in a size 6 and ready for a 30 year high school reunion."

Diane Somerville
Owner, Express Aircraft Corporation

"There are few people that you can say made a difference in your life, for me, Shelly Fitzsimmons would be that kind of person. After being diagnosed with SLE Lupus in 1991, having my third child in 1996, and having had Cervical Fusion done in 2000, to say my body was out of shape was an understatement. I had tried every diet plan on or off the market. Exercise was nonexistent. My joints and muscles ached all the time. Normal activity was painful. I signed up with Shelly, after my doctor told me he'd found a great trainer that could work with me. Well, within three months, I felt like a new person. I'd almost lost 35 pounds and had more energy than I did in my teens. It has been a year and I've lost a little more than 50 pounds and feel better than ever.

With great pleasure, I would recommend Shelly Fitzsimmons to anyone. If you want to finally reach your goals, feel better both physically and emotionally; Shelly can help you achieve your goals."

Sheila Wozniak
Office Manager

"Shelly, you are a special trainer in that you take a personal interest in the whole person, not just weight training and fitness. Your program really worked with me losing up to 30 pounds. I couldn't have had the motivation to do so without your help. Sometimes financially it seems like a lot, but it was worth every penny I spent for what I learned from you. Tell all of your clients that they are being trained by the best."

Patty Gomez

"Thank you for changing my life. I feel great. At age 47, I am in the best shape of my life since the age of 25. With your coaching, I have lost 32 pounds. My total cholesterol dropped 56 points and my bad cholesterol dropped 51 points. I am now in the normal range! I have learned and continue to learn from you; information I will be able to use and benefit from the rest of my life. It truly has been worth the time and money spent, especially when my friends tell me I look ten years younger."

James Garza
Paint Contractor

"It is obvious that you absolutely love what you do and love helping your clients achieve a healthy lifestyle. You never ever gave up on me even when I was ready to throw in the towel. You kept on cheering me on when I felt I could not go on. Thank you, Shelly, for your hard work. I am in the best shape I have ever been in my life thanks to you."

Mike Shea
Personal Chef

"To Shelly with my undying gratitude. You have made my life worth living. I am a 71-year-old 232-pound woman who two years ago curled up in my chair and watched television all day. I was very depressed. I was getting weaker and had fallen a couple of times and could not get up by myself. After my son and my husband talked me into working out with a personal trainer, Shelly Fitzsimmons, I made tremendous progress. My balance was better; my footing was more sure. I can go up and down stairs more easily and I am able to get out of those booths at the restaurant with a little more ease. I looked forward to exercising twice a week. I have signed up for more sessions and am still improving. I have more energy and am having family dinners on Sunday again and enjoying going to the racetrack because I can now get up and down stairs without banisters. I am losing weight without even trying and am regaining my life. No longer do I have thoughts of my life ending curled up in my chair. Exercise really does help older people. It is never too late."

Joanne Mosier